To address the physical, mental and social health needs of all children of the globe through providing articles and research on issues pertaining to child health, and though practical programs to improve the social, psychological and health status of children at risk.

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About Child-Watch

Child Watch is an initiative of the Middle East Journal of Family Medicine and was originally formed to assist Iraqi children who are suffering greatly from lack of medical resources and child size devices, as well as the psychological aspects of prolonged warfare.

Since then we find that many of the problems extend to the rest of the Middle East region and indeed the world. There is also a lack of focus globally on child-specific aspects of many medical conditions.

We are taking therefore both an academic and a practical approach to child health. We welcome articles on any topic related to aspects of child health and we also hope to provide practical assistance where possible. We also welcome your ideas and your advice about effective programs in your own country or region. I thank you all for supporting this initiative.

Our non-profit clause
The assets and income of Child-Watch shall be applied solely in furtherance of its above mentioned aims and no portion shall be distributed directly or indirectly to the organisation except as bona fide compensation for services rendered or expenses incurred on behalf of the organisation.

Dissolution clause
In the event of the organisation being dissolved, the amount that remains after such dissolution and the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities should be transferred to another organisation with similar purposes which is not carried on for the profit or gain of its individual members.

Executive Committee
Lesley Pocock (Australia) CHAIRPERSON
Dr Abdulrazak Abyad (Lebanon)
Dr Manzoor Butt (Pakistan)
Emeritus Professor John Beasley (USA)
Dr. Tawfik A M Khoja, Saudi Arabia
Dr. Safaa Bahjat (Iraq)