Real Hero - Zahit Bhatti

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Our new feature section for the New Paradigm is on men and women who combine successful careers, with outstanding community involvement. We thank Dr Manzoor Butt for contributing this article on Mr Zahid Bhatti, who operates the Rocky Martial Arts School in Rawalpindi, Pakistan.

We welcome articles for this section. Lesley Pocock, Publisher

  Mr Zahid Bhatti, 23, is a highly distinguished Martial Arts Trainer who has a Black belt – Third Dawn (Black Belt 2nd Degree) in Muay Thai Kick Boxing.

He is a Martial Arts Master, Social Reformer, Human Rights Activist & Youth Worker at his own training facility the Rocky Kick Boxing Martial Arts Academy, which teaches approximately 150 students.

His list of professional achievements include:

  • Accompanied National Under-16 team as “Official Coach” to India, 2005 for Indo-Pak Series.
  • Accompanied National Under-16 team as “Official Coach” to Iran, 2005 for South Asian Championship.
  • Nominated National Judge & Referee for National Muay Thai Kick Boxing competitions.
  • Best Instructor Award Year 2004 from Muay Thai Kick Boxing Federation, Pakistan Chapter.
  • Best Instructor Award Year 2005 from Muay Thai Kick Boxing Federation, Pakistan Chapter
  • Pride of Performance Award from Shamsabad Community-January, 2006.

Zahid, works with the rural poor and educates poor boys and girls. He has recently intervened in the lives of three impoverished young girls. He took them into the course so that they could have some opportunity to make something of themselves. No fee. No charge. Uniforms supplied.

Shanza, one of the girls, is pictured below:







Other students:







he is working with Dr Manzoor Butt in the Shamsabad Community in a number of sectors. Most of the involvement is in health, education, youth work, human rights, social reforms, and relief of poverty through income generation sectors.

He is especially involved in youth work and supports sports, useful activities like youth trips, youth adventures, awareness walks and rallies. He is also involved in activities like water& sanitation, the war against drugs and STDs, and so on.

In the recent Pakistan earthquake he became a member of the Shamsabad Community Rapid response team.

  1. His business objectives are to strive for youth promotion, primary health care facilities, and facilities of primary universal education for the poor, social reforms, human rights and relief of poverty.
  2. To impart the knowledge and skills of Martial Arts to young boys and girls as well as the knowledge and skills of First Aid to youth.

We congratulate Zahid Bhatti on the way he conducts his life and for being a worthy mentor to the youth of Pakistan.