Child-Watch Distributes Eid Gifts to the Blind Girls School in Rawalpindi, Pakistan

by Mrs. Rahila Kosar

Child-Watch is an NGO set up to bring some joy and dignity to children's lives and to try and remedy some of the matters that prevent children from living their lives to the full, such as child slavery, disability and extreme poverty.

The following photos were taken at the Blind Girl's School in Rawalpindi, Pakistan. Our local Child-Watch Executive Committee members, Dr Manzoor Butt and Mrs Rahila Butt organised this particular activity and Mrs Rahila Butt is pictured handing out the gifts. Her idea was to allow the girls to dress up and celebrate Eid like their sighted counterparts and all gifts included personal items like bangles and perfume as well as candies.

We would like to thank Dr and Mrs Butt and their son Faizan, daughters Amna and Faiza, nephew Abdullah and niece Zainab for wrapping and preparing the gifts.


We would also like to thank Mr. Mumtaz Bhatti for taking the photos and Mrs. Sana Ullah who is principal of this school and who kindly facilitated this activity for the girls in her care.

Lesley Pocock
Executive Committee