Letter to Colonel Edmond Ngarambe of the democratic Front for the Liberation of Rwanda, who says 'rape is human'

Lesley Pocock
Chairman Executive Board

No Colonel Ngarambe rape is not human; it is inhuman and subhuman and the cowardly gangs of insane, rifle wielding brutes that attack women and children do not qualify as either men or human - they are the lowest life form on the planet and do not deserve to walk on the very ground walked by their noble victims. How cowardly, that those ugly, ignorant, evil brutes should gather en masse to attack and torture defenceless women and little babies smaller and weaker than themselves. Every brute that rapes women and children, who are the heart and soul of humanity, are something unspeakably evil and are surely a universal abomination.

We've seen recently the enormous crimes of Darfur, and of the Taliban in Afghanistan, the mass raping and murder of Muslim girls in the former Yugoslavia, and the rape of women in Iraq by members of the US military.

Rape goes against the very definition of a man. It is something so low and ignorant it is beyond the comprehension of decent human beings - to get pleasure from inflicting pain and degradation is a severe mental illness and one that seems rife, if not encouraged in all militaries of all nations. Can military leaders take some responsibility for this evil under your command and contain these brutes where they cannot harm decent people. Conduct your ridiculous and insane wars eternally if you want - but leave woman and children out of your inane conduct.