Letter to the men of earth, at the end of all hope for the rest of us

Lesley Pocock
Chairman Executive Board

Our planet and civilisation has reached the endpoint due to a patriarchal society of rape and pillage. The planet has been robbed, raped, destroyed and fouled and so for eternity have your sons, daughters, wives, sisters and mothers, and we have to wonder if you will never take responsibility. The trafficking of women and children for the rape slave trade has now become the fifth biggest industry on the planet and every single human male on the planet is responsible for this enormous crime.

Women and children are forced, in fear of their lives, to be raped in brothels, to smile in pornography as they are raped, hurt, degraded and abused and also tortured to death for your entertainment. Is this your standard of behaviour? Is it right? Is it good? Is it noble? Is it worthy of respect? No, and it never will be - it is a shocking evil, and human society to date has been about protecting your rights to rape and control. Your rules and your religions support your self-appointed right to rape and discriminate, abuse and enslave. Organised crime now breeds babies solely to be raped and killed for your amusement.

All cultures, all religions, all societies, still uphold the rights of the most powerful to control, enslave, use and abuse the less powerful. This planetary society must and should die out, if it cannot be other than this - as this largely hidden crime is not just a crime against humanity, it is an enormous crime, of universal significance and a more evil and hypocritical society is hard to imagine within the infinity of the universe.

Everywhere in the world women and children are becoming increasingly the sole victims of warfare of violence and abuse. The sex slave trade aside, up to 100 million are also murdered each year with impunity.

For the record and to counter the (successful and accompanying) global media campaign of organised crime's sexual commoditisation and enslavement of women and children: No, we do not like being raped. No, we do not like being abused and physically tortured. No, we do not like being insulted and degraded every day of our lives by your propaganda and public embarrassments and your ignorant discrimination. Pornography is by the dregs of humanity, for the dregs of humanity; - most would pay not to have to watch it. Why? Sorry, we do not like sexual torture and degradation of ourselves (and degradation and debasement of yourselves) as entertainment, and especially we do not like torture of little children.

Brothels are rape houses, nothing more nothing less - so is prostitution rape of the enslaved, demented, drug addicted, destroyed and desperate, nothing more nothing less. The (often unpaid) job of a prostitute is to pretend to like 'the customer' and to pretend to enjoy it while 'the customer' is raping her or him - nothing more nothing less. Sorry it had to be said. Someone had to be brave enough to tell you this. The truth.

Question yourselves, those who are complicit in this evil and cowardly trade, your right to assume the status of a civilised human being. You have failed miserably in every sense and you have not earned your rights to patriarchy. You have rather abused your rights and abused those you should protect. Is it good enough to protect your daughter but watch the rape of your neighbour's daughter? No, sorry it is not, and these victims exist not because (and as some would like to have us believe) of some innate evil, or fault or weakness of women and children (other than the physical weakness of their smaller stature and strength, that is taken advantage of) but purely because of evil, love of cruelty, and selfishness. And as low intelligence is awash in our species, is it right to brainwash and terrify the vulnerable and powerless to act as your tools of filth and degradation? Is it right to brainwash weak and stupid men who may otherwise have been good; men of no decency, or no dignity, and hook them and feed them for money, the ugliness and evil that you purvey in your astoundingly and frighteningly profitable marketplace? No.

The male of our species, alone of all species on the planet, is increasingly and in huge numbers preying on and enslaving for evil, its own females and young. Women and children of the planet surely must start being very afraid.

So you have to decide if you are brutal ignorant creatures unworthy of trust and freedom in which case maybe you should consider being segregated and isolated; or if you are worthy of dignity and respect. Not speaking up about the evil is complicity in the rape and degradation of your wives, sisters, daughters and granddaughters. And acknowledging and apologising sincerely for the grave insult this is to the many good men who are also shocked and appalled of the violence against their fellow human beings, and thankfully there are such, it is no longer good enough not to act against the rape, abuse, brutalisation and commoditisation of fellow human beings, be they male or female. It is cowardly and evil and I would have thought, unnecessary - surely.

The victims of wars have increasingly become women and children, solely. In the 'good old days' it was just the war-mongers, the men, who were killed, but now it is just an evil frenzied feeding off the vulnerable. And don't forget to rape the babies and children as well - that has become de rigeur, almost compulsory, yet more blood, more damage, more pain, more humiliation, more cruelty. And don't worry, those who missed out on participating in the gang rapes of innocents can watch it all on video on the internet, put there for your convenience by your global pimps, for a price.

It is the same culture that destroys our society that destroys our planet. Society is set up for dog eat dog, every man for himself, let the man on top of the heap have all. Most of you have also lost out if you would recognise it. If it seems we got it all wrong about raping and destroying the planet, and if we got it all wrong about the international finance system and about a few greedy men owning and destroying most of the world's resources, we probably got it wrong about women and children as well. Let's be honest.

Please stop raping us. Please stop abusing us. Please stop abducting our children. Please stop murdering us in your wars. Please stop killing us at birth. Please stop marrying us young, to abusive old paedophiles. Please stop denying us basic human rights. Please stop denying our intelligence, our sensitivity, our sensibilities, our place in the world, our sanctity and our decency. Stop denying our right for safety, cooperation, consultation, and dignity, our right to live in peace. Stop destroying our planet, our seas, our rivers, our air, our food, our children's happiness, safety and future.

I particularly ask organised crime of this planet, those extreme cowards amongst us who beat up and torture defenceless women and children, for money, and who now run this global rape slave industry, and their customers, the men of the world - to do something manly. It is just not that necessary or important that you should destroy others' lives for your 'sexual entertainment'. It is not good enough - sorry.

Some will try to label and destroy me of course, shoot the messenger, - but some of us can only ever speak the truth. It is too important to all who are sane and decent, not to. It is very important to some to protect the weak and vulnerable, not just for the fact that if we don't, we are all doomed. It JUST is NOT RIGHT to prey on defenceless women and children. Sorry - I thought you all knew that.

So roll out as usual some of your enslaved and destroyed, to tell us how they actually really like their work in the global slave rape trade. Do anything to maintain your myths and lies - you always do.

How can the male of our species, our fathers, our brothers, our husbands, our friends, look us in the eye when men's feet are awash in the blood and torn bodies of the innocents, sacrificed over the ages for the short sexual thrill of inflicting a little cruelty? Or, as it is called now, adult entertainment.

All men of the world are unworthy of respect until decency is restored and until men learn to take responsibility for each other's behaviour, and their own actions, their own sexuality and their betrayal of the innocent and vulnerable of the planet. Can we have a better world with better standards, for all to live in guys? Can the good men please stand up and do as they can and should. Could we not try it - please?

These following articles and quotes show prostitution and rape is a crime of violence and hatred of women; it is a violent crime not just against the woman or child concerned but against all women who have ever lived in the planet and who may have the misfortune in future to dwell upon this planet of brutes.

"Martha's" story
"They came and took all our belongings and told my husband he was a dead man. They took a machete and cut him up, like a goat or sheep at the market. When they were finished they yelled at me to pick up the pieces of his body and put them in a pile. There was blood everywhere and on everything in the bedroom. They told me they would kill me if I cried."
When Martha had finished piling up her husband's body they took a knife and started cutting her on the face, neck, arms and legs.

"Then they told me to lie on top of my husband's body parts and that is when they began raping me. There were 10 of them and one by one they raped me."
At the same time Martha's daughters were being raped in the other room.
"I could hear my girls screaming and there was nothing I could do to help them". Then I stopped thinking and my mind was not there any more".

The attack on 'Martha' was so vicious it destroyed her body. Her uterus was so badly torn it hung between her legs for 2 years until she was given surgery for rape victims.

Michelle Rice
World Vision Aid worker in the Congo, which the UN describes as the 'worst sexual violence in the world'

"Rape is cheaper than guns, cheaper than bullets. " For her film Lisa interviewed women who had been bayoneted or shot inside their genitals.

Many other rape victims will leak urine and faeces due to extreme internal damage, for the rest of their lives, especially the young girls who often die from the vicious assaults.
"I interviewed about a dozen (rapists) who were completely unashamed and were proud of having raped so many". One of (the imbeciles) described rape as a 'magic potion' to fend off enemy bullets.

Maris Beck, The Age" Saturday November 2008, on Lisa Jackson's film "The Greatest Silence"
The realities of the horrors of the sex trade are astounding …

  • Young girls are sold by their own parents to assist in support of their large families
  • Some hide their femininity to avoid capture
  • Girls provide oral sex for as little as 10 cents
  • As few as 10 women and young girls are placed on ships to service up to 10,000 men
  • Corporations send their executives on sex holidays to 4 and 5 star hotels where they're provided with sex slaves

It happens to thousands daily - women and young girls are kidnapped, sold, or lured by traffickers who prey on their dreams of employment abroad for positions such as nannies, models and actresses. They're then exported to Europe, the Middle East, the U.S. and elsewhere, where they're sold to pimps, drugged, terrorized, locked in brothels and raped repeatedly. Sex trafficking has become the fastest growing form of organized crime in Eastern Europe, with Moldova and Ukraine widely seen as the centers of the global trade in women and girls.

The girls in the brothels aren't working for profit or a paycheck. They're captives to the traffickers and keepers who control their every move.

In 2002, New York city police found a stinking, land based equivalent of a 19th century slave ship, with rancid bathrooms without doors, bare fetid mattresses, and a stash of penicillin, morning after pills and misoprostol - an anti-ulcer medication that can induce abortion. The girls were pale, exhausted and malnourished.

Under-age girls and young women from foreign countries are trafficked and held captive throughout the U.S. Most of them are taken to the United States through Mexico.
They're rented out for sex for as little as 15 minutes at a time, dozens of times a day.

Sometimes they're sold outright to other traffickers and sex rings. These sex slaves earn no money, there is nothing voluntary about what they do and if they try to escape they're often beaten and sometimes killed.Cambodia - Child Sex Slavery - Dalyn's story
When Dalyn was only 12 years old, she was tricked and forced into prostitution. Locked in a cage with others underneath the brothel, she was starved, beaten and threatened at gun point until she agreed to service clients. She was only permitted to come out when a client came calling, and only fed when she provided sex.

Many of these young girls are infected with HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases. All are deeply traumatized and psychologically destroyed. The girl's trust in the world is irrevocably shattered

"I realized that slavery was still alive," said John Miller, Director of the U.S. State Department's Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons. He was telling World magazine about the arrest of men who trafficked in sex slaves."I'm reading about how they lured these girls from Asian nations, promised them restaurant jobs, modeling jobs, … seized their passports, beat them, raped them, moved them from brothel to brothel," he said. This was not happening in some distant Third World nation, however. "There it was in civil Seattle," Miller said.
by Ed Vitagliano